…When Reggae-Pop Meets Indie Rock? Menes Guunah!

What happens when reggae-pop meets indie rock? Menes Guunah [That’s what]! A semi brand-new band running out of Dearborn, Michigan, this incredible up and coming group is the center of the first Project: Union-Street Artist-Review! The band takes it’s airy/grassroots-sound on the road with a diverse team of backup singers who grace the stage with their falsetto notes, and a chorus of layed/sweetly spoken words. Each time this this group is being booked for a show, or simply hanging about – there is always a friendly musical vibe in the air which is not to far off from their stage aura & performance.


Menes Guunah was formed in the year 2014, by 3 founding members: Hael, Moe G, and Ouiam – all three of which obviously continue writing music together as Menes Guunah. They all enjoy being a part of the band, and regularly playing live at a host of different venues across the metro-detroit scene and michigan as a whole. They hold regular practices in Dearborn, Michigan and have a really terrific band-dynamic (which is also a pleasure to watch). It seems find a lot of their practice happens at open-mics, open-jams, and private parties – where much of their incredible team/band-dynamic is apparent.

Having been a somewhat newer group, the band played publicly for the first time at an incredible longtime open mic at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company (a local staple, and historical building – in Plymouth, Michigan) in 2015, as well as their first actual show at the Token Lounge (of Westland, Michigan) in that same year. On the flip side, Token Lounge (in it’s own regard) has hosted some of the biggest names in rock, and has been around since 1971, the venue has housed such names over the years as Quiet Riot, Dead in 5,  and more. To open up a band on such a legendary stage must have been a blast for these guys. Moe G (the lead singer) and the rest of the band blasted tunes such as “Herbal Medication” [with it’s euphoric and incredibly well versed lyrics], all the way to their classic song “Burn”.

Recently, It’s been exceptionally cool to watch guitar-man/singer Moe G growing even further on his instrument and even starting to learn to do solos along with his rhythm, Moe G has a uniquely graceful approach with the guitar and unlocks the power behind each chord at each show.

All in all, this power group is something special to behold, and we want to thank them for letting us write this write up of their excellent sound and group!

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