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We are a gathering of musicians, artists, business-owners, computer programmers, publishers, engineers, industry reps, and gamers who have come together to build an artisan-community.

(The ‘Generation II’ Project: Union-Street Community Logo).
(The ‘Generation I’ Project: Union-Street Community Logo).



The original vision for our community evolved from a combination of two completely separate occurances which saw the formation of a gaming community, and eventually that of an entire network and artists platform. The initial framework of Project: Union-Street was initially pitched at a metting with a entirelly separate community [as a potential modernization process] – which was in the end never implemented,  the idea of which instead was preserved and made into it’s own thing.

Establishing a New Community:

Project: Union-Street was established as a community, brand, and concept on September 23 2013.

With many new ideas in play (plus many  local artists, gamers, computer fanatics, and entrepreneurs already aware of the up and coming community due in part to a dedicated P.R campaign that featured ads on FM radio stations coinciding upcoming events, public television, posters & ads in music and art stores. The first artist driven events where at local ballrooms, concert halls, outdoor amphitheaters, art-galleries, festivals, and cafes across metro-detroit.

Gaming-culture bringing fourth new mechanics/ideas:

Around 2012/2013 – there was a popular gaming guild rooted on the servers of private everquest server ‘Shards of Dalaya’.  Folks involved in this semi tight knit group of gamers heralded in many new team bulding ideas, and brought to the table many group/event planning subroutines, effective network & community administrative practices, electronic architecture, open discussion of various computer concepts/languages/theory, and culture building aspects which would (down the road) be very important in the long haul for what would become our community to function smoothly, and gain identity of self.

Encampment Woodsman Griz.

Culture Building

 We strive to create a safe/welcoming space in which to facilitate creative growth for everyone involved in our gatherings, electronic experiences, or in general. We aim to bring creative types together for the purpose of collaboration, sharing industry information, community/culture building, promoting their own creative endevoars, sharing originalart/music, etc.

Project: Union-Street has launched a Facebook group as well. When local events (which meet guidelines for relevance) are shared to our community facebook wall, we share said events to our electronic newsroom. This is a wonderful way for folks to get their events out there while we still work out things behind the scenes that will eventually allow us to open up account creation to the masses once all infrastructure is in place. as always we encourage folks to share their events on our facebook group!

Our Mascot :

Our mascot is a friendly gnome named ‘griz’. This adventurous gnome was originally created in 2012 as an NPC (AI-driven non-player character) related to an unreleased open world online role playing game prototype created by what would become ‘Project: Union-Street Interactive Studios‘ – many years later.

Between 2015-2017 many artists t00k part in the first gatherings by Project Union Street. Billed musicians included Modtie Etiquette, Panda Elliot, The Toyz, Systematic, Blind Joe, Ella X, Tetra/Delta, The Running Yellows, and many more.
Screenshot of a very early development build (codename: “Lily-pad”) of CollabGadget, showing a type of log-in screen

Trivia: Our primary community colors (since 2015) are seen in our logo(s) – ‘Gen 2’ Electric Pink (and ‘Gen 1’ Royal Purple), Lime Green, Bright Blue, and a host of secondary colors such as ‘Orange Room’ Orange, Sunshine Yellow.
Trivia: Sony’s ‘Everquest’ was a popular game for the earliest members of our community to play together, much of the community driven kinetics which have long since been intertwined into the fabric of our own group’s culture started here.
Trivia: Inspiration came for part griz’s design from that of a rabbit (a giant, but friendly white ‘lop’) housed in a nearby rabbit rescue named Howie – who hardly ever showed his mouth.

The ‘Generation II’ – Project: Union-Street Interactive Studios Logo.

VIDEO: A Look back at Radio Night – July 2015.
Gnome / Nisse (Mythology).
VIDEO: Everquest: Original 1999 Launch Video.
VIDEO: Icons: Season 1, Episode 7 – Everquest.

Our dedicated studio :

Project: Union-Street – Interactive Studios
is our dedicated development-studio specializing in the development/production/publishing of: digital-content, cutting-edge hardware, innovative software solutions, video games, interactive tools, music, art, and online worlds. This studio facilitates new product releases, Internal-R&D, some event oriented stuff, new community features and is a proud part of Project: Union-Street artisan-community, workshops, and electronics. We hope to be able to produce and  develop new artist-oriented tools, apps, software, and more.


Broad Focus:

Theoretically, the community – as it is today, has grown much differently than it potentially could have in it’s originally pitched form. Such a broad focus/independence allows Project: Union-Street to represent more than just musicians, and it’s developers to experiment with new (more exotic) ideas that could otherwise be deemed ‘too much’ if representing a different and already established group.


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