Policy Definitions

  1.  “Administration” – the community staff, including any mods – many of which have access to many important community building tools.
  2. “Mod” – A mod is a volunteer administrative position – some one who enforces community charter and answers questions.
  3. “Community Chambers” – an online area where folks can see proposed, and recent changes to the community charter.
  4. “Administrative Council” – a group of administrative staff who will meet, and help plan upcoming and future events and gatherings for the community.
  5. “In-Game” – Taking place inside or within any online, multiplayer, mmo, augmented, or virtual reality – digital world or online server.
  6. “Guild Bank” – a wing of the administration, run by volunteer staff, who regulate any in-game (non real) currency, gems, stones, spells, and items which are
    in guild coffers. The guild bank also regulates in-forum currency and any points, karma, or stock systems in place, Guild bank enforces certain sections of the community charter that have to do with in-game items.
  7. “Directly-Run Event” – Any event in which the administration is actively planning, attending, organizing, and hosting as an official Project: Union-Street event.
  8. “Pay-To-Play” – Any event in which any participating artist/speaker is obligated to buy/sell an X amount of tickets, and required to pay money up front in order to be a part of any given show or program. The administration and community is against this practice.
  9. “In-Game Item” – Any in-game items, weapons, spells, stones, augments, gems, scrolls, books, boosts, power-ups, and consumables. Including any form of rare, no-drop, and common items and currencies.
  10. “Administrative Area” – an area, in-game or real life, which is termed an administrative area. Access to this area may be limited and often it is a place where administrative functions occur, such as a admin hall (in game) or part of a guild bank (also in-game), or the location of a green room (at a concert or show), to a room with a private staff/event-planning meeting.

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