Guild Bank Policies

[Charter C, Sub 2.]

    1. Administration reserves the right to create/disempower ‘guild-bankers’ – an in-game unit or server-based GM ROLE tasked with collecting, storing, banking, and regulating guild (non-actual currency) funds, and enforcing rules that pertain to the guild bank overall in games that are run by us, or that has our guild and/or community involvement). Guild Bankers manage the administrations reserve of in-game: items, spells, currency, and gear.
    2. There shall be a guild-bank considered active on any server/game-server with an active base of our members on it, even when no physical (in-game) bank can be observed. Rules of said bank must be fully observed.
    3. Only sanctioned “guild-bankers” may operate the guild-banking system, or accept donations of in-game items & currency on behalf of the guild. Violation of this subsection is a Class 2 Infraction.
    4. The Administration issues the guild bank the license to prohibit, or regulate – any (in-game) items, spells, or currency –  for any length of time or duration. Details, information, and statistics of all items and/or currencies effected under this section are to be made viewable & kept up to date within the Itemization/Regulatory Memo.
    5. The Administration issues the guild-bank the license to possess, produce, utilize, research, issue, store in a controlled setting, limit access to, destroy, and unprohibit any (in-game) banned items, spells, or currency which where prohibited under Charter C, Sub. 2, Paragraph 4 of this charter – during the duration of any given item(s), spell(s), or currency(s) prohibition.
    6. guild-bank reserves the right to create or spawn in-game/in forum items.<–  Back to Central-Rulebook.