Gathering & Events Policy

[Charter B.]

  1. Anyone attending any directly-run events, gatherings, workshops, or concerts – will be fully responsible for themselves and their own belongings, Project: Union-Street  and it’s staff wont be held accountable for lost or stolen belongings.
  2. Each person whom brings flammable objects of any kind to any kind to any community gathering or event shall be responsible for said objects, as well as for the safe storage, use, and disposal of said objects. Such objects include picnic or hookah charcoal, bbq fluid, cigar lighters, e-cigs or vaporizers of any form, and any fluid or fuels of any kind.
  3. Administration reserves the right to prohibit or regulate (from any event) any item mentioned in Section 5, Par 2.
  4. It is a violation of this charter to knowingly violate any rule(s) or regulation(s) of any park, beach, pavilion(s), or venue(s) that a community event(s) actively is, or is regularly taking place at.
  5. All cell phone use (including checking texts for any length of time) is anytime a trivia night is actively being played in the same room, This is a Class 1 offense – First offense gets a warning and team loses question, second offense team gets booted from game, third offense the team is banned from the game. This will be determined by the host, or via a vote of the other players in the room.

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