Rulebook – (Community Rules, Policies, and Regulations).

Charter effective as of: Saturday, Nov.19,2016 / 7:30 AM

Community Rules & Policy Index

Administrative Charter  – [Administrative Dynamics]
Administrative Ordinances
Charter A [General Rules]
Charter Management
         — Prohibited Conduct

Charter B [Gathering & Events Policy]
Charter C[In-Game, Network, & Server Policy]
Guild Policies
Guild Bank Policies
Definitions Set – [Policy Definitions]
                  — General Repercussions


The above documents are intended to act collectively (as one) to establish, consolidate, and clarify all existing rule-sets imposed upon all community members of Project: Union-Street, as well as anyone accessing content on any of our servers or visiting any of our gatherings. These dimensions shall be adhered to by all guests (and enforced by staff) to ensure that the community runs smoothly and that it provides a safe & productive experience for all of our visitors.
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