Newsroom Writers

The writers of Project: Union are some of the most talented people in the metro-Detroit scene. We try to provide an ideal place for volunteer writers from a variety of creative and artistic facets – to write wholesomely educational/handwritten articles. We also wanted to create a spot where the public can learn more about these awesome folks.


Shane Hutter
 [Technology & Studio-Recording Writer] –

Shane Hutter is a long term friend of Luis Hirschlieb, as well as a past member of The Electric Space Odyssey band. He is a creative individual who started out with a music focus for the last decade and a half, but over the last couple years he has drastically shifted focus into DIY technology. The tech he works on involves hardware and software ranging from music, web design, graphic design, game development, agricultural/gardening tech, and a massive amount of widely varying experimental technologies. Shane shares a passion for open source technology, and Creative Commons art, whilst also respecting intellectual property. Shane hopes to get more involved here, and hopes to discuss subjects involving a merge of technology and the arts.

  Kevin Clinton
 [Comic-Author] –

Kevin Clinton, Owner of Corner Cafe Publishing and Author of “The Corner Cafe,” is an experienced author of several mediums. With an associate’s degree in a liberal arts he spent time with Eastern Michigan University studying various law practices with art and music, graduating from Schoolcraft College with his primary degree in the arts and humanities. Beginning his writing career at age twelve with one biography on that current presidential candidate Bob Dole, he then went on to begin taking direct interviews and writing short fiction, graduating high school with two full screenplays, two novels, and a slew of poetry and short stories under his belt, he began working in the field with his writing – performing his poetry in the form of music and even selling some of his works to various companies, while still adding to his own works. Presently with his own publishing company, Kevin plans to coordinate promotional ad space for the Project: Union Street podcast, planning aside to broadcast these promotions (pending permissions as always) at his own merchandising location down the road.


Luis Hirschlieb
[Community Founder, Head-Writer, Comic-Author] –

Luis is a musician (a guitarist for over 26 years) and started Project: Union-Street in September 2013 – retaining between 9 – 19 original members until opening fully to the public in December of 2013. Formation of the new community was greatly inspired after the forming/maintaining of an online gaming community (a “Guild”), and experiencing a great deal of comradery, establishment of key ideas and core virtues around community building, and success putting together widespread online gaming events – on the gaming servers (read more about the gaming roots of Project: Union-Street here) – A piece of the original vision of Project: Union-Street is the creation of a highly successful newsroom, designed to educate and inform, and to help spread the word about new musicians, artists, art forms, technologies, etc – as well as to accommodate the administration of community concerts, workshops, etc.  Luis is head writer on the page, and also maintains his own comic-book series: Scratchwork Underground.