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Contact Information

Address :
Metro-Detroit, Michigan, United States of America - Postal Code : 48170
Phone Number :
1 - (734) 338 - 6667
Fax Number :

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday :
Open : 12.00 AM.
Break : --
Close : 11.59 PM.
Saturday :
Open : 12.00 AM.
Break : --
Close : 11.59 PM.


Our (non-public) administrative collection attempts to index a wide range of material created by members - ranging from printed material to digital collections such CD-ROM, CD, VCD and DVD. We also collect daily serials publications such as any administrative-run newspaper or publication(s),  and documents.

Library Membership

At the moment, membership is exclusive to Administrative staff who have a purpose to review material for the purpose of reference - this libraries current focus is simply indexing at the moment, and any third party additions (from our members) to our collection are donation-based.