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One aspect of the Project: Union-Street community that is often overlooked is the fact that the initial framework for such a community was (unknowingly) being set as far back as 2009, when various circumstances lead to the formation and operation of an online gaming community (which was lead by our current founding member, Luis Hirschlieb.) The community (known as a gaming “guild“) was originally based on a popular privately run Everquest 1 server called Shards of Dalaya/Project: 1999. In time – the concepts of arranging friendly groups of players based on their skillsets + experience, going on quests, accomplishing common goals as a team, weeding out poor sports, and the overall sharing of ideas resonated highly among a modest group of players.

Many years later – things with the original gaming guild slowed down and even entered haitus at a few points. Luis considered/implemented the formation a separate community of highly creative and business-oriented people – an artists community which would be targeted at musicians & business-owners, and accommodating of all legitimate forms of artistic expression. This new community would be utilizing many of the community-building virtues, initial-framework, and administrative concepts catalogued over a course of many years, and thousands of hours of creative interaction with many strange, friendly/not-so-friendly, and incredible interesting people inside & around the original gaming guild + places around metro-detroit.

Ultimately, because of the chaotic, yet highly organized & collectively self governing nature of the modern day gamer in the early 2000s, the first framework of what would become one of metro-detroit’s coolest (and interesting) artists community’s would then be laid — Today, we keep this ritual alive by preserving part of the creative space that we offer to artists – to be one for Gamers.

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