Server News: Getting Started.


Welcome to Project: Union-Street!

We are a community of artists,  business owners, musicians, gamers, students, engineers, computer programmers, business-reps, and creative types, who have come together to form an artisan community. The community itself was founded in 2013, and is independently run by a super friendly administration of members.

* Our community also houses a fully functional Interactive-Division, Gaming Guild, and News-Room.


1. Create an account or sign-in to an existing one by clicking: TOOLS > LOG IN, on the main menu.
– If creating a new account, you will need to link it to either a Facebook or Google account, in good standing. Doing this is a one-click process which you can start be selecting the corresponding logo on the sign in screen. User/pass is for staff only.

Below is a brief overview of some features of the new page:

Featured Artists: Some of Project: Union-Street’s coolest artists doing their thing, front and center. We love helping our artists grow any way we can, many of these awesome people have graciously allowed us to feature them on our page – special thanks to all of our featured artists, not just for letting us feature them but for giving back to the metro detroit music community by writing/playing/sharing such incredible music! If you and/or your band would like to be a featured artist potentially – contact us here, we are also interested in featuring poetry and spoken word too!
Event + Venue database: Learn about new events (put on by other project: union-street members, or project: union-street itself), as well as keep track of upcoming and established venues in our venue database. Also, you can learn about upcoming Project: Union-Street gatherings, bbqs, meetings, and official workshops.

Newsroom:  Server/network updates, current events, latest releases from project: union-street members, a comics section, featured artists, community highlights and video clips.

Activity Feed: An activity feed that displays nearly all page activity, you can favorite comments, tag some one with @name, or comment on select posts. Don’t forget, you can also update your own status here as well.

Lost and Found: For directly – run events, Project: Union-Street maintains a lost and found, if you have lost or misplaced something at any event directly run by Project: Union-Street, contact the lost and found here.

Guestbook: Sign our door  guestbook!

Forums: Discuss and start topics ranging from gigs, the best microphone to use live, how to master delay, ranging to the paranormal, hillarious fails, upcoming films you want to see, and more.

Voice Server (Teamspeak 3): For gamers, or folks who just want to hang out without leaving their house – we sponsor our own Teamspeak 3 server for Project: Union-Street use. – TEMPORARILY DOWN.


-Coming Soon-

2D Interactive Venue Tours: Venues tours in a game-like setting, for pc, android, and iphone – Montauk is currently in development and coming Spring 2017.

Multimedia Encyclopedia: A compendium of information regarding Project: Union-Street bands, previous tours, discography, past shows, historical notations and pictures, audio clips, and more.

Podcast: Audio interviews, guest artists, discussion, song samples, and more – The Project: Union-Street podcast, coming soon.

Workshops: We are currently planning various brick and mortar AND online educational workshops, and seminars – with topics ranging from information technologies, music and booking, audio engineering, film making and directing, painting, acting, spoken word, and more!

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