Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


System-Applications and Utilities:

Your Locker is a tool that allows you to access [and utilize] deep profile settings, personal settings, biography, tools for community development, moderator tools, and more. One of the most important tools available to the general user, given they have a CollabGadget account.
Connect with other users in a discussion-based manner, propose and vote for (or against) new rules.  The forum is one of the original pillars of our community, on many fronts. It is in the spirit of our communities roots that we preserve this tradition.
Official space to download any officially-released files (from the Administration at CollabGadget). If an app build-release, document, or patch needs to be made available outside of an official installer this would be the place to find it.
Application intended to help folks understand the rules and policies of our server(s), and community. There are many tiers to our ruleset, you will be able to find all of this information (and more) by utilizing this app properly.
QR-Code Generator
Create different sized/quality data-matrix codes (relative to user-submitted URLs) that users can for use on webpages, posters, comics, apps, films, and more – that users can scan with their smartphone or administrative library barcode reader.
Event Database
Share, review, comment on, and explore events in the Events-Database.  This is a great way to find new open-mics, product-releases parties, artistic gatherings of creative-minded people. Information about each event is available per each event page.
Venue Database
Share, review, comment on, and explore venues in the Events-Database. Our venue database is a great way to find new venues you never knew about, locate old favorites, see what type of activities are taking place at each location. Information about each venue is available per each venue page.
Server (and industry) news, comic section, and current events. Share your comments on recent happenings, see new art, and read about new events as they are announced/as they occur. The newsroom is an important aspect of our community that requires a small dedicated team to maintain.
Administrative/Integrated Library-System
Our (non-public) collection attempts to index a wide range of material created by members – ranging from printed material, to digital collections, and documents. Membership is exclusive to Admin staff who have a purpose to review material for the purpose of reference. Those with clearance can review/borrow material from library. Toolsets for stock, inventory, and more. A fully functional library system.
Digital Learning Campus
For now our online-courses are exclusive to GMs, volunteers, and staff in-training — but we hope to change this as we grow, with free/fun & (dare we say it) educational online-courses for everyone!
Lost and Found
Lost something at a show in which the administration was the host? Check here. (note: we don’t usually get lost and found stuff for shows not directly run by our staff, if you lost something at a show you found on this platform but not run directly by us, contact the venue instead.
Application created by the awesome folks over at Shards of Dalaya (private Everquest server). Tool is intended to allow you to see your (in-game) items and stats for any toon(s) on said server.  More can be learned about the history of SoD server, and Project: Union-Street – here.
Dungeon-Puzzle [LOCKED]
A brand new (yet retro-feeling) dungeon crawler, created by Project: Union-Street Interactive Studios and ported for CollabGadget. Full controller and touch-screen support. Accumulate points and items found in-game, into your CollabGadget profile’s inventory.
2D-Venue Builder / Toolset – [LOCKED]
Build (and visit) super cool 2d-venues, and art establishments (in a game-like setting). Includes a toolset to create these models and add interactive content other users can then experience.
Griz Embedded System Test – [LOCKED]
Toolset to test color/audio channels/physics/vr/hardware, and other related system-functions on WorldArtOS-powered machines, and devices running WorldArtOS SDK (Integration-Studio).